Sylvan Winds group

Sample Program List

A Gilded Age Christmas

Imagine what a Christmas celebration might be like in the home of the Vanderbilt's? A magnificent parlor with fantastic decorations, and what kind of music would you hear? This gives us a glimpse of Gilded Age taste, here very much ...

A Gilded Age Salon: Music from Paris to New York

Would you love to be a fly on the wall of Mrs. Vanderbilt's parlor? This is a rare glimpse of what a music salon during America's Gilded Age would have been like with the influence of European culture, and specifically ...

Hispanic Heritage

Journey from the old world to the new with compelling and inspiring music!

La Pasión - Fado, Tango and Flamenco!

With Guest Artists: Eva Conti, flamenco dancer Rex Benincasa, persussion Gina Cuffari, soprano Pedro Da Silva, Portuguese guitar The Sylvan Winds are thrilled to return to the Hispanic Society of America prior to its two year renovation, this time focusing ...

Meet the Instruments

Learn about the instruments that make up the wind quintet. Then put it all together to tell a story!


The Sylvan Winds are honored to perform in the library of the American Academy of Art and Letters. This special space is at once inviting and contemplative, and our program is inspired by memories and reflections of an earlier period ...

Musica Judaica

A fascinating and exhilarating program of music by important as well as less well known Jewish composers.